As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of compressed air purification equipment and process filters, and with over 35 years of expertise, Donaldson has built a comprehensive engineering, manufacturing, and customer support network providing filters that meet the most demanding application requirements.
Donaldson's innovative designs focus on energy-efficient operation and reliable performance to minimize operating expenses and reduce downtime. Donaldson provides industrial air, sterile air, culinary steam, tank venting and process liquid filtration products from prefiltration to final, and from low to high capacity, so when you think purity, think Donaldson.


  • Reduced pressure drop by 50% uses less energy.
  • Coalescing filter elements performance datavalidated according to ISO 12500-1 assuring reliable achievement of compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1.
  • Filter element can be removed together with filter bowl, reducing overall installation height requirements.
  • Changing the code clip inside the filter bowl changes the flow direction through the element so that the filter can be used either as a coalescing filter (inside to outside flow) or a particulate filter (outside to inside flow).
  • The integrated differential pressure indicator can be easily rotated in the filter head.
  • The bayonet lock ensures that the filter cannot be opened under pressure for increased safety.
  • Filter housings are immersion-coated ensuring long-term protection against corrosion.
  • Nine sizes, six filter element types, and available options meet virtually all industrial air purification application requirements.


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