RADWAG is a well-known leading manufacturer of electronic weighing instruments in Europe and overseas. For many years, RADWAG has been the largest manufacturer of electronic weighing equipment in Poland. Since 2002 operates in accordance with implemented and documented quality management system ISO 9001.



New generation of ultra-microbalances UYA 4Y is designed to meet the highest requirements for determination of mass. Its built-in system of automatic internal adjustment/calibration maintains excellent measurement reliability and accuracy.




HY10.HRP the series of professional high resolution weighing platforms, perfectly suits every single branch of industry requiring great weighing accuracy, precision and repeatability of measurement in challenging industrial environment.



The HX5.EX and HX5.EX scales are modern weighing instruments assuring fast and reliable measurement in hazardous areas classified as zones 1/21 and 2/22. To ensure precision and excellent measurement repeatability, high quality electronic components are used.



DWM automatic checkweigher provides the highest quality. It is applied mainly for pharmaceutical and food industry. Used magneto electric modules allow to weigh products quickly, providing the highest accuracy of weighment. The device features a friendly, intuitive interface and several built-in functions that enable the statistical data operation and service process.



Mass comparators series AKM-2/10 and AK-4/100 featuring automatic mass loader enables automatic determination of mass deviations of a single weight in a single cycle. The system of automatic mass comparator is commonly applicable in mass measuring laboratories, and particularly in certification units for weights classes E and F.



SAL/C anti-vibration tables for laboratory scales has been designed to satisfy the user with the greatest possible measurement stability. The table provides comfort for balance operation and elimination of both, ground vibrations and vibrations being a result of user’s activity while operating balance.

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